We offer a wide variety of tips for each type of Weller soldering iron:

Soldering iron


WP 120, WXP 120

XT series - recommended for leadfree soldering. Tips for 120W irons.

WP 80, WSP 80,
FE 75, MPR 80

LT series - recommended for leadfree soldering. We also offer SMD desoldering tips and minivave LT GW tips for SMD components.

WXP 65

XNT series.

WP 200, WXP 200

XHT series.


RT series.


RTW series.


NT series.

LR 21, FE 50

ET series. We also offer desoldering tips for DIL's and desoldering tips for SMD.


PT series. PT tips stabilize the temperature at 310, 370, 425 and 480°C, depending on the chosen type. We also offer desoldering tips.

LR 82

HT series. Massive tips for large soldering jobs.

WSP 150

LHT series. Massive tips for huge soldering jobs.

DS 80, DSX 80, DS 22, DSX V80, DS V80, DS VT80

Desoldering nozzles DS and DX with various diameters. We offer desoldering heads for QFP, PLCC, SO, SOJ, ... as well.

HAP 1, HAP 200

Hot air nozzles - various shapes and dimensions.

HAP2, HAP3, HAP 3000

Hot air nozzles - various shapes and dimensions.

W 61, W101, W 201

CT series.

WT50, WTA 50

WT series. Desoldering tips for tweezers.

Please contact us if you have any further questions. Our staff shall help you with technical information, prices, etc.